CRC 25 Years Book - Carlos Carvalho Decoradores

I'm always amazed at these days and in our country to meet people who want to take forward projects of small and medium-sized companies. It is not only admiration of astonishment, but of true respect for it seems to me so difficult not only to compete with the large multinational companies, which today spread across all economic areas, but also to overcome all the obstacles that a suffocating state poses to who dares to take the initiative.

Carlos Carvalho Decoradores is one of those companies. Created by Carlos Carvalho in 1993, continuing and expanding the activity started by his father, it is today, at the age of 25, a national reference in interior architecture.

It will never be easy to combine art and business management. Being able to keep the project in the same company – the art – and the total execution of the work – the factory – will undoubtedly require a great capacity to work.
Art isn't just a magnificent painting by Rembrandt or Van Gogh. Art is also the  cinema we see, the cuisine we delight in, the clothing we wear, the architecture of the cities we inhabit, the decoration of the hotels we

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